NEWS16 August 2017

Australians suffering from social media fatigue

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AUSTRALIA – Though social media use remains high, one in five Australians reportedly don't enjoy their time spent on it, according to a new survey by Deloitte. 

The Deloitte Media Consumer Survey reveals that Australian daily social media usage has fallen from 61% to 59% over the last year. The most pronounced drop has been among ‘leading millennials', described in the study as ‘the social media pioneers', among whom daily use of social media has fallen to 73%, from 84% last year. A decline in heavy users – defined as those that update or check their accounts more than 10 times a day – has apparently driven this overall decline. 

The report also revealed that 31% of respondents have temporarily or permanently deactivated one or more of their social media accounts in the past year. 

One in five ( 20%) of Australians  reportedly don't enjoy their time spent on social media, and 46% report spending more time on it than they would like. 

"While the increase in influence of social media is undeniable, the social reality is that, this year, survey respondents are showing signs of dissatisfaction," the report read.