NEWS12 July 2010

AT&T sponsors connectivity research program

North America

US— Telecom and communications giant AT&T is sponsoring an initiative in Dallas that will see a group of young men form their own agency and carry out a market research study into what ethnically diverse communities need from communications technology.

The firm is funding a 10-week ‘boot camp’ run by the Marcus Graham Project, a Dallas-based non-profit organisation focused on developing and mentoring future thought leaders in the fields of marketing, media and advertising.

The iCR8 scheme, which is run every year, gives men from ethnically diverse backgrounds between the ages of 18 and 34 the chance to work as an ad agency team. Participants in the scheme are not paid for the duration of the course.

This year, the 12 boot camp participants have formed their own full-service agency, MetaTHINQ, and will carry out a market research study focusing on connectivity matters – such as broadband access – within diverse communities across the country.

Six of the 12 MetaTHINQ team members set off from Dallas today on a road trip that will see them take various routes to Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington, stopping along the way to conduct interviews and forum discussions with members of the public.

AT&T’s vice president of diverse markets Jennifer Jones said: “The research findings from the project will be used to help us better target and meet the connectivity needs of these segments.”

Results will also be shared with telecoms industry professionals across the US.

Lincoln Stephens, founder of the Marcus Graham Project, said: “We were excited to know that a company literally in our back yard has taken an interest in what we are doing. it truly gives us encouragement to know that a global organisation has taken notice of our efforts and we hope that other corporations follow their lead in advancing diversity.”


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10 years ago

To the president (Lincoln Stephens) & founder of the Marcus Graham Project. I know you have a very great program for young men to explore marketing,media & advertising in their fields. If AT&T is taking a road "Research Trip" to various states to LA,Chicago & Washingon, it a good program. I wanted to thank AT&T "Jennifer Jones VP Diverse Markets for looking at this Boot Camp. I saw you all on the channel 5 new at 4:00pm leaving on the road going to different places with AT&T vans. I was hoping that it would be on at 6:00pm are at 10:00pm but they did not show it again. It is nice to see what is going on in yr community. Keep the good work up. May others companies help you with yr program & be apart of this program. This could be a program that could be call the "Marcus Graham Project "Play It Forward Tour" Go Men, show them what they are working with "Men Of God".Let yr light so shine before men, that they may see yr good works & glorify yr Father Matt:5:16

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