NEWS18 April 2012

Arbitron to study the mobile consumer

North America

US— Arbitron has launched a syndicated survey to study how consumers in the US are using their smartphones and tablets to consume media and to shop – and how exposed they are to mobile advertising.

The Arbitron Mobile Trends Panel uses an opted-in group of approximately 6,000 mobile owners, and topics covered by the survey include how popular different apps are, what the key differences in mobile use are by operating system, how people react to mobile advertising and what a “day in the life” of a mobile consumer looks like.

Hannu Verkasolo, SVP at Arbitron Mobile, said: “Consumers have embraced mobile as a primary way to access online content, media, messaging and social networking. With the debut of our Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels service, we are working to become a leading provider of insights for the mobile and media industry into the top mobile apps, web sites, devices and usage patterns, as well as mobile advertising, search and commerce.”