NEWS24 October 2012

Arbitron posts third-quarter revenue rise of 8.3%

Financials North America

US— Arbitron has posted an 8.3% rise in revenue for the third quarter of 2012, up from $105.6m to $114.3m. Net income for the period was also up to $15.8m from $15.4m.

However, the firm noted an 11.4% increase in costs for the quarter, up from $77.2m to $86.1m. This was due to expenses associated with previously announced costs associated with in-person recruitment, address-based sampling and cell-phone household sampling.

For the first nine months of the year, Arbitron said that revenue increased 7.6% from $302.2m to $325.1m, with net income up 11.2% from $39.2m to $43.6m. Costs for the first nine months were up by 7.3% from $237.7m to $255m.

CEO William Kerr (pictured) said: “In the third quarter, we continued to grow our revenue and earnings as we maintained our investments in the value and utility of our core services and continued to invest in the opportunities presented by the emerging markets of mobile and cross-platform.”