NEWS15 March 2010

Arbitron kicks off radio sports audience service

North America

US— The new Arbitron Sports division has launched with a report evaluating how many people listen to American football on the radio.

The report was compiled using PPM data over the course of the 2009/10 season covers 25 teams in 23 markets where the technology has been commercialised.

Chris Meinhardt, Arbitron Sports’ manager, said: “Those teams with play-by-play broadcasts have believed for years radio was an integral part of a fan’s experience. Now, thanks to the level of audience detail provided by the PPM ratings service we can see that passion and loyalty, with each professional team averaging more than 100,000 listeners for each broadcast.”

The Chicago Bears were the most popular team with an average of 626,600 listeners each game, followed by the New York Giants with 457,000 and the Philadelphia Eagles with 422,400.

Arbitron will release a similar report for professional baseball listening figures in early spring.