NEWS10 September 2013

Annik launches real-time tracker for retail shoppers

Asia Pacific Data analytics

INDIA — Market research and technology services company Annik has launched a tracker for real-time retail customer feedback.

Rapid Insights is designed specifically for companies who operate retail stores and want to understand & track customer feedback in real time.

The tool allows customers to log their experiences on a tablet device while shopping which the management views through a real-time dashboard.

“With the advent of this new ‘Voice of Customer’ technology, the management will not only be able to understand what exactly the customer wants, they will also be able to take corrective action on the spot basis customer feedback.” said Sandeep Bhatia, COO of Annik Technology Services.


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11 years ago

I like the name " Voice of Customers". The concept of real time tracking is a great idea to generate some terrific consumer insights. But my concern is that how many customer would bother to punch in their experience while shopping. Our brain is designed to focus on one thing at a time. Curious to know more about the technology and how retail stores can use it . Thank you.

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