NEWS14 October 2009

Analytics firm iPerceptions acquires Wasp product line

M&A North America

US— Web analytics firm iPerceptions has bought a suite of products designed to be used by companies to check whether their web analytics packages are set up to accurately measure site audiences.

Wasp – or Web Analytics Solution Profiler – comes as a plug-in for the Firefox web browser and was developed by Stephane Hamel and launched in January of this year.

Writing in his blog, Hamel explains how he hit upon the idea for Wasp back in November 2006. “I was a part-time web analytics practitioner trying to solve, or at least simplify a real issue: how to check if our web analytics implementation was done correctly,” he said.

Hamel cites “bad implementation” as the “primary cause of poor analytics data”.

Since launch, the Wasp userbase has grown to 10,000 analysts, who between them use more than 150 different web analytics packages.

Terms of the iPerceptions deal have not been disclosed. Claude Guay (pictured), the company’s president and CEO, said: “We are seeing a pronounced shift towards tactical insights in the world of web analytics. To achieve tactical results, organisations must begin to put muscle behind proper analytics tool implementation, and that’s where Wasp’s value is really showcased.”

Following the Wasp acquisition, Hamel has become a member of the iPerceptions Advisory Council.