NEWS19 August 2011

Affinnova secures patent for preference prediction

News North America

US— Affinnova has secured a sixth patent, for a system “for predicting personal preferences”. The system was invented by Kevin Karty of Affinnova’s innovation team.

The firm’s surveys present participants with different combinations of possible attributes of a product or idea. ‘Evolutionary’ algorithms are used to weed out the attributes that don’t appeal and refine the ones that do, working gradually towards the ideal combination.

Karty’s system uses a participant’s answers to develop a model of the person’s affinity for certain attributes, allowing their preferences to be predicted.

CEO Waleed Al-Atraqchi (pictured) said the patent represents the firm’s investment in R&D “to innovate the innovation process itself”.

The firm’s other five patents are held by its CTO and co-founder Kamal Malek.