NEWS19 May 2010

A&E Television Networks orders NeuroLab

North America Technology

US— Cable and satellite network A&E Television has commissioned NeuroFocus to build it an on-site neuromarketing lab to test its viewers’ subconscious responses to programme content, advertising and promotions.

A&E claims to be the first TV company to be equipped with a “NeuroLab”, which will be staffed by NeuroFocus neuroscientists, neurophysiologists, market researchers and consultants.

Michael Greco, A&E’s executive vice president of research, said: ”We see tremendous opportunities to use it not only for our own research, but to help our advertising partners gain competitive advantages for themselves.”

The company said it decided to invest in a “NeuroLab” after appointing NeuroFocus to conduct a study into the effects that programme content has on viewers’ response to advertising.

Mel Berning, EVP of ad sales at A&E, said: “Conventional research methods are hard-pressed to get at the heart of that issue. Neurological testing, on the other hand, delved right to the source – the subconscious – and delivered the answers. That breakthrough was the catalyst for our decision to commission a NeuroLab.”

NeuroFocus is headed by CEO A.K Pradeep (pictured).