NEWS17 September 2020

Advertisers launch cross-media measurement approach

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UK & US – The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has established a framework for cross-media measurement and proposed a technical approach to meet its principles.

Yellow tape measures

The proposal put forward by the WFA aims to give advertisers a greater understanding of the reach and frequency of campaigns across TV and digital media.

It has been developed in partnership with platforms including Facebook and Google, and is now set to be tested in the UK and US, led by Isba and the ANA respectively.

The WFA has proposed using a panel and census-based approach (via publisher logs), including a virtual ID and differential privacy methods, to prevent double-counting of ad impressions across media.  

According to the WFA, this will also improve the control of cross-media frequency i.e. unintentional targeting of a consumer by the same ad across different channels.

Isba’s cross-media measurement group and the ANA will now review how the proposal can be adapted locally in the UK and US ahead of its implementation, following an international open comment and review exercise organised by the WFA earlier in the year.

The WFA has consulted with advertisers, national advertiser associations, agencies, broadcasters, measurement companies and platforms to develop the framework.

Mars, Mastercard, Procter & Gamble and Unilever are among the advertisers supporting the initiative, which began last year.

Stephan Loerke, chief executive of the WFA, said: "Advertisers have long struggled with poor quality data that doesn’t allow them to properly assess how best to invest their ad budgets across multiple platforms and media. This body of work provides a blueprint to build a cross-media measurement solution that responds to advertiser needs."

Phil Smith, director general of Isba, added: "For some time, ISBA’s members have made the development of independent, accountable cross-media measurement our highest priority. The articulation of a clear advertiser-driven ‘North Star’ and a strong framework of global principles are significant milestones.

"We look forward to working in partnership to validate the proposed technical approach and to developing a UK solution that leverages the global blueprint."