NEWS10 May 2021

ISBA seeks panel proposals for cross-media project

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UK – Advertiser trade body ISBA’s cross-media measurement programme Origin has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a three-year panel measurement contract.

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UK advertisers launched Origin in 2019 as part of the World Federation of Advertisers’ global cross-media measurement programme.

The programme is currently planned to launch to the market in 2023.

Panels must have a random probability design and cover at least 10,000 UK adults to be considered for the contract.

ISBA said the single source measurement should cover linear television (including broadcast video on demand and connected TV) and digital within the scope of online video and display. Measurement must also meet the joint industry committee (JIC) quality standards.

ISBA said in the RFP: “The purpose of this panel, in alignment with global WFA specifications, is to act as the ‘source of truth’ within the measurement design, providing observed panellist exposures to campaigns and content from the media and channels in the measurement system.

“These results will primarily act as direct inputs into model parameters to assign publisher/platform census-based impressions to a virtualised database of respondents that cover the entire UK population.”