NEWS11 November 2011

Adobe looks to take lead in managing, measuring digital ads

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US— Adobe, which bought the Omniture web analytics business two years ago, is setting out to be “the leader in solutions to manage, measure and optimise digital marketing and advertising” with a company restructure.

The software firm, best known for its creativity tools like Photoshop and Flash, is to lay off 750 employees as it reorganises around two business lines, Digital Media and Digital Marketing.

Digital Media will encompass all the tools for creating and publishing content, while Digital Marketing focuses on the analytics software that allows advertisers to track how campaigns are performing and to customise them for specific audiences.

CEO Shantanu Narayen said Adobe is “doubling down” in markets that are “rich with opportunities for innovation and growth”. “Our mission is to produce the world’s content and maximise the impact of that content,” he said.


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13 years ago

Shantau, I have one simple question. Why after sixteen plus months of touting the familiarity Flash has with mobile delivery interfaces would Flash Mobile be abandoned and 700+ Adobe staff terminated? It is a little hard to phantom the comment “Our mission is to produce the world’s content and maximise the impact of that content,” when abandoning the ubiquitous mobile delivery channels. Muse and Edge do have promise, but a full scale HTML5 development package would make Adobe Developers happy, as opposed to the nightmare news of kicking Adobe talent and mobile capabilities to the curb. HTML5 Magazine has an open door for all superior HTML5 developers, producers, management and communication professionals who want to reach a target audience. We would like to see Adobe as part of the growth, acceptance and promotion process of the HTML5 digital landscape. Unfortunately it appears upon the surface that the Adobe HTML5 foundation is built on sand. The Omnitrue acquisition although strategically successful, will have to be enhanced by some type of mobile delivery to make media buyers, who test the waters with their clients budget toes, reassured that Adobe will follow through with a satisfying and robust delivery system. Good luck with that, rest assured that the observation is stated with support for Adobe.

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