NEWS22 June 2018

Adobe launches analytics ad tool

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US – Software giant Adobe has introduced Attribution IQ in its Analytics Cloud, to help clients use data in their marketing strategy and creativity.

Attribution IQ will be available in its Analysis Workspace so marketers can see the customer journey and all the points where they interact with the brand.

In a blog announcing the launch, Adobe Analytic’s senior product manager, Trevor Paulsen, said the tool builds on Adobe Analytics’ broad support for every channel. "Instead of simply comparing display versus social ads for instance, users can now see how individual campaigns and even specific keywords performed using a rich set of attribution models," he wrote.

He also explained: "In a world where consumer expectations are on the rise, with more ways to reach people, the most impactful campaigns are informed by deep audience insights. Brands are under pressure to show that ad and marketing spend are being made in the right places. And deciding the right mix between options such as digital advertising, email and content marketing is a crucial step in allocating resources and informing creative work."

Attribution IQ uses 10 models to capture the different ways in which consumers are influenced and allows clients to dive into the specific campaigns, products, or internal promotions.