NEWS9 December 2009

Ad agency Bark in Mindmetic neuromarketing partnership

Europe News

DENMARK— Advertising agency Bark Group has announced a partnership with neuromarketing firm Mindmetic, to analyse people’s brain activity while they are exposed to marketing messages.

Mindmetic, which is headquartered in the UK with a second office in Copenhagen, uses electroencephalography (EEG) to measure research participants’ brain activity in response to stimuli. It aims to capture the “pre-conscious emotional response” in order to better understand people’s reactions to colours, sounds, words and images.

Bark CEO Anders Hageskov said: “As marketers, we know that emotions rule thoughts, and thoughts rule consumer behaviour. By using Mindmetic’s new neuromarketing technology, we will be able to better understand consumer reactions and create messages that results in the desired consumer response.”

The company also recently announced a partnership with Glassbox, a firm which uses software to analyse effectiveness of online advertising and estimate ROI.