NEWS9 April 2010

ABC targets small to midsize newspapers with new readership study

Data analytics North America

US— Media auditing body the Audit Bureau of Circulations has launched a new readership study for small to mid-size newspapers across North America.

The new service is a “streamlined” version of the ABC’s Audience-Fax tier one study, an audience reporting tool that integrates circulation, print readership and online data, with the research carried out by Scarborough Research.

ABC has contracted American Opinion Research to carry out readership studies for what it calls the new “tier two” service for smaller papers.

Data from participating newspapers will be reported through ABC’s twice-yearly publisher’s statements, audit reports, two Audience-Fax online databases and a standalone readership report. Newspapers will also receive a research study disc, cross tabs and details of audit findings.

Mark Wachowicz, ABC’s senior vice president of marketing and sales said: “We are excited to offer small to mid-size newspapers a low-cost opportunity to glean and promote valuable information about their readers that is only available via customised readership studies.”