NEWS9 October 2014

64% of companies fail to integrate customer and employee feedback

News UK

UK — Just 36% of companies wholly or partially integrate data from customer experience and employee engagement programmes, according to new research.

The research, carried out by Questback enterprise feedback management and which gathered feedback from 108 business executives responsible for customer experience and employee engagement across the UK, found that 38% had no plans to connect the two disciplines.

This is despite the fact that 83% of companies that linked feedback saw benefits in an improved customer experience, and 75% felt it led to more motivated and engaged employees.

“Collecting, analysing and acting on feedback is increasingly crucial to business success,” said Paul Barnes, UK managing director, QuestBack. “Combining customer experience and employee engagement data benefits customers, staff and the wider business. However our research shows that a growing gulf is developing between those that are looking to integrate feedback and those that don’t.

“Now is the time for the laggards to move from a departmental approach to feedback and adopt a holistic, company-wide strategy, that brings together what customers and employees are saying about their products, services and working conditions.”

Full findings can be downloaded here.