NEWS28 May 2015

54% of UK homes now own a tablet

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UK — New research from Ofcom has revealed that 54% of UK households own a tablet device and a further 21% say they are likely to get one within the next 12 months.


This figure is up from just 2% in 2011. Apple’s iPad launched in May 2010.

Tablets are particularly popular among 35-54 year olds, with 64% of that age group owning a device. The findings from Ofcom’s Tech Tracker have also shown that 71% of children aged 5-15 had access to a tablet at home by the end of 2014; and 34% of this age group have their own tablet device.

Gaming on tablets is becoming increasingly popular, with 15% of users now gaming, compared to 2% in 2011. 86% of tablet users use apps on their device — news apps are particularly popular — and 58% use their tablet device to watch video clips online.

Kate Reeve, Director of Consumer Research at Ofcom, said: “In just five years, tablets have become a must-have device for millions of UK households.

“We’re using them to catch up with the news, watch our favourite soaps and keep the kids entertained, with around one in three 5-15 year olds having their own tablet.”

Full findings can be accessed here.

Ofcom is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.