NEWS25 November 2016

35-54 year-old ‘Luminaries’ seek bold brand messages

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UK — Research from Bauer Media has uncovered insights on 35-54 year-old Luminaries: ‘an entrepreneurial, confident and aspirational group'.

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According to the research, this group behaves in a ‘vastly different’ way to those that have come before. 

It describes the ‘juggling generation’ that came before them, which had young children, were interested in celebrity culture, food and healthy living, were high-users of social media and were known to have many households with stay-at-home mums. 

In contrast to the previous generation, the 10m Luminaries in the UK are ‘confident, yet grounded and are enjoying their lives in a way their parents didn't before them. 

'[...] they are entrepreneurial, are open to new experiences, music and seek to engage with bold, positive brand messages'.

The study looks at how these changing attitudes affect brand relationships, including the importance of reflecting attitudes, not age: ‘they want to be judged on their behaviour, rather than a number'; the idea that authenticity is key, so brands must build meaningful relationships to drive loyalty; and the importance of creating valued experiences to ‘fulfil their need to live life to the maximum'. 

Another interesting revelation is that this group have concerns around media filtering, in particular through digital algorithms: ‘they don't want their exposure to news and culture to be narrowed'.

"The learnings from this study will ensure that we develop deeply engaging and impactful advertising messages and partnerships that will connect with this often misunderstood audience who don't want to be put in a box,” said Abby Carvosso, group MD of Bauer Advertising. 

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