FEATURE3 July 2018

Voicing your preferences

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Concept testing has been done the same way for years, but now GfK is using voice analytics to gauge the emotional response to new ideas, writes Jane Bainbridge.


Attracting consumers to a new concept is no mean feat, especially in our highly competitive markets. Those that work appeal to people rationally and emotionally – and, while traditional concept testing has been good at identifying the rational, it was to tap into the emotional side that GfK developed MarketBuilder Voice.

Aimed at early and late-stage screening for consumer goods, it combines quant-size panels with qual insight, and uses technology combined with classification and consumer behaviour expertise.

Miriam Comber, GfK’s strategic innovation director, market opportunity and innovation, says: “We were looking for something that would describe more discrimination. When going back to a client, you want to know if there is a winning option – particularly when screening ideas. You don’t want fuzzy results, with three or four that all look the same. 

“The problem is that what we’re often asking in concept testing ...