FEATURE18 December 2017

Finding your voice

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Using an algorithmic linguistic programme has allowed Linguabrand to analyse corporate communications faster and more accurately, with some significant results for brands. By Rob Gray


It takes the average person more than 40 hours to read War and Peace. Whereas Bob, apparently, can polish off Tolstoy’s epic literary masterpiece in a mere 20 minutes – and he won’t skip a word!

Of course, Bob isn’t human. He is a ‘word geek’ robot – a clever piece of proprietary technology developed by brand-voice experts Linguabrand to help make communication more distinctive and persuasive. 

“Bob measures emotions and attitudes and persuasion frames in language, ” says Linguabrand founder Alastair Herbert. “It could be in transcribed research; it can be speeches, brand websites, social media. What is brilliant about him is that he never misses a word, while the best human readers miss at least 15% of the content on first reading.”

Herbert spent more than 20 years in marketing before setting up the language-driven research and development consultancy Linguabrand in 2011. In the late 1990s, he was the first marketing director at the newly ...