FEATURE26 June 2019

Turn on, tune in

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Research is built into the foundation of Sky Media’s ad model, helping it adapt and evolve in a changing media landscape. Ben Bold talks to Lucy Bristowe, its head of insight and research.

Sky is at the forefront of Europe’s broadcast entertainment industry, serving 22.5m customers across seven countries, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Spain. It spends £6bn a year on programming and generates annual revenues of around £13bn.

While a sizeable proportion of its income is generated by subscriptions to its ‘linear’ (traditional broadcast) TV and digital services, much of it is made up of advertising revenues. This is where Sky Media comes in – the company’s dedicated ad-sales arm that works with agencies and brands looking for exposure across TV, online and on-the-go.

“It is the job of my team to find innovative solutions to measure the effectiveness across either one or all of these platforms, ” explains Lucy Bristowe, head of insight and research at Sky Media. “It’s no longer enough to find customers who are exposed to messages by asking them outright, through traditional means. We have to be smarter than that.”

Being smarter has helped shape Sky Media’s approach to research ...