FEATURE22 December 2014

Top tens of 2014: News stories

As part of Research-live’s series of review/ preview articles, here’s a round-up of the most read news stories from the site this year.


1. 41% do not trust market research companies with their data

A survey of UK and US citizens in February revealed a lack of trust in the market research industry.

2. 10,000 hours to genius theory questioned

In June, new research questioned the idea that performers can reach elite status through 10,000 hours of practice rather than innate talent.

3.60% of businesses struggle to action social media data

A study in October suggested that while businesses recognise the competitive importance of social media, many struggle to translate the benefits into financial gain.

4. ‘Researchers should act like tour guides, helping clients navigate data’

Speaking at the MRS Connected World conference in July, Jess Owens of FACE discussed how researchers can help clients cut through the noise of social media data.

5. 64% of companies fail to integrate customer and employee feedback

A study in October revealed that many companies were not integrating customer and employee feedback data effectively.

6. 58% of UK consumers ‘unconcerned’ about data sharing

In July, it was revealed that over half of UK consumers were not concerned about how much data they were sharing with brands. The percentage was much higher among younger consumers.

7. ‘A lot of noise and very little informed debate’

At the MRS Annual Conference in April, Deborah Mattinson, Peter Kellner and Richard Wilson debated decision-making in a ‘tweetocracy’.

8. 20/20 launches virtual reality for researchers

In September, market research technology firm 20/20 unveiled a virtual reality platform allowing researchers to simulate shopping environments and consumer behaviour.

9. 4C scoops $5m in series B funding

Back in January, it was announced that social intelligence company 4C had raised $5m in funding, led by Jump Capital.

10. Abraham moves to chairman, Matta made CEO at comScore

An announcement in February revealed key leadership changes at comScore.

Tomorrow: Top ten features of the year and a run-down of 2014’s biggest success stories, according to the research community.