FEATURE3 June 2019

The misconceptions of AI

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In the excitement and clamour around artificial intelligence, some myths are being perpetuated that give a false impression of what it can do, as Aji Ghose explains

Misconceptions of AI

Scientists claim that artificial intelligence (AI) is the most profound ‘general-purpose technology’ of our era, a harbinger of progress and growth akin to the discovery of electricity or the invention of the steam engine.

AI is everywhere these days. Once a concept visited only by science fiction authors, these two letters are now omnipresent in our environment. McKinsey’s AI adoption report estimates its global economic impact will reach $13tn by 2030; companies that embrace AI will double their cash flow. Unsurprisingly, businesses are scrambling to develop their AI strategies, and work out how best to make use of this exciting new field.

In the excitement to understand and adapt to the changing landscape, however, numerous misconceptions have arisen around AI’s nature, abilities and implications. These threaten to prevent businesses from unlocking the full potential of AI and hinder its uptake.

AI is unbiased

The popular media image of androids is of unemotional, decision-making machines that use pure, cold logic to weigh ...