FEATURE23 January 2023

The future in 10: Young researchers and insight’s next decade

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From breaking out of bubbles to focusing on action, 10 new voices share their hopes for the future of insight and their calls to action for Impact’s 10th anniversary.



Carolina Starkhammar, principal, Incite

I hope the market research industry will work towards becoming more accessible and use its increasing diversity more purposefully. In a profession centred on understanding different people, our industry is surprisingly homogeneous. A diverse workforce can help identify and address the real issues in our community.

My call to action is to recruit beyond traditional methods and invite people with unique backgrounds, experiences and ideas to the decision-making table. This isn’t a box-ticking exercise – these are real people who can add real value to your business.

Joanne Oguntimehin-592

Joanne Oguntimehin, project director, Humankind Research

My hope is that market research will continue to strive for diversity of people and thought, and really champion the value that exists in different backgrounds and lived experiences. I also hope it will be put on the map as an interesting career path that more people ...