FEATURE14 October 2020

Taking stock of insight

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Covid-19 Features Impact Retail UK

Tesco has access to a wealth of data on its customers and employees, but simplicity and clarity of purpose are paying dividends for the insight team in 2020.

Tesco store

As group insight director at the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, it’s perhaps unsurprising that one of Naomi Kasolowsky’s priorities is to keep things simple, both in terms of purpose and output. 

“Insight teams have a huge responsibility to convey meaning with as much accuracy as possible – especially when you work in a business like Tesco, where you work with a lot of stakeholders and the impact of what you’re saying or recommending is far-reaching, ” she says.

Never has simplicity and clarity been more necessary than during the complexity of the past few months. For a company at the forefront of responding to the pandemic, from keeping stock levels stable to introducing a range of new social distancing measures, insight has been in high demand.

Kasolowsky is responsible for all the insight teams across Tesco, including more than 100 people in the UK and teams overseas. The responsibility of the function is to identify opportunities for growth and inform ...