FEATURE18 November 2019

Table for one

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Research from JWT Intelligence has explored the motivations of single people in China, the US and the UK, and found that despite events such as Singles’ Day, single people in China are far less likely to treat themselves and are more pragmatic about relationships than their western peers. By Emma Chiu


Not married? Congratulations. You are part of a growing and empowered community of singles who are increasingly content to live without a partner.

JWT Intelligence has delved into this group in its report The Single Age. Inspiration for the study came from observations made during recent research into ‘The New Adulthood’ (individuals aged between 30 and 45 ), which revealed that a substantial portion of the millennial demographic have built their lives around being joyfully single.

This isn’t limited to millennials, however; the single lifestyle is finding favour across generations – as we found after surveying 3, 000 people of different ages in the US, the UK and China.

Singlehood comes in many different shapes and sizes, so JWT Intelligence surveyed those who have been widowed and those who are divorced but have children, as well as young, free and single individuals. For a full representation of attitudes towards being single across wider society, the research also included those who are married ...