FEATURE6 September 2018

Plant power Down Under

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Australia may be one of the world’s biggest meat-eating populations, but that hasn’t stopped it from increasingly embracing plant-based alternatives, according to Mintel. By Shelley McMillan


Consumers all over the world are moving away from meat and we’re seeing the same trend in meat-loving Australia. With an average Australian consuming close to 95kg of meat per year, according to data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( 2018 ), Australia remains one of the world’s largest meat-eating populations. However, health and ethical reasons – as well as the rise of ‘flexitarianism’ – are altering meat-consumption habits across the country. 

Mintel research found that almost one-fifth of urban Australians avoided, or were intending to avoid, red meat in 2017 – and half of these consumers stated that they believed it is healthier to do so. Further, ‘No Meat May’ is a campaign and registered charity, founded in Australia in 2013, that challenges consumers to eliminate meat from their diets for 31 days (in May), for four key reasons: health, environment, animals and food security. It is now a global campaign, enjoying incredible growth. 

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