FEATURE13 December 2021

New hope: Sustainabilty and consumers

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Sustainability is a major global issue, but it means different things for brands and consumers in China, the UK and the US. By Mark Potts.

multi-coloured aluminium cans crushed into a block

At the end of the promenade in Penzance in Cornwall, site of this year’s G7 summit, sits the UK’s first outdoor geothermal pool. The Jubilee Pool, an art deco lido built in the 1930s, reopened in 2018 fuelled entirely by renewable energy.

Across the world, leaders are grappling with climate change. For example, Xi Jinping last year re-emphasised China’s commitment to capping and reducing carbon emissions. The question is: what do consumers think about sustainability? This was the question Bamm wanted to answer with our sustainability project, which used a combination of 15 online ethnographies and a ‘500 person per country’ survey across the US, UK and China, in addition to both social and content listening (analysing the content of brand advertising).

Most people ( 79%) across those markets feel sustainability is important. Most people ( 60%) also feel that sustainability has become even more important over the past year. Perhaps the pandemic created a sense of fragility about the world, which has ...