FEATURE5 June 2023

Licence to thrive: How to help people live better

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What it means to thrive differs depending on where you live, but a sense of ‘not thriving’ is shared across borders. Research from C Space has explored the issue. By Liam Kay.

photo of a woman doing yoga

The concept of ‘thriving’ is deeply personal and eludes a definitive answer. Thriving is a universal need, but a personal experience. To understand how lifestyle, culture and media impact people’s views of what it means to thrive requires asking them what helps them live well on a day-to-day basis.

Research agency C Space carried out qualitative and quantitative research across the UK, US, India, China and Germany exploring how people define ‘thriving’ and what role brands can play to help them live better. “We wanted to get deeply human with people and at some degree of scale, so we weren’t talking to the white-Anglocentric version of ourselves, ” says Bill Alberti, managing partner, human truths, at C Space parent company Interbrand. “We wanted to see if this was across geographies.”

The research consisted of qualitative discussions via an online community with 502 participants, 30 in-depth interviews, and a nationally representative survey, all conducted in 2022.

A few common factors emerged as ...