FEATURE1 November 2021

Learning on the job: the role of apprenticeships

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The market research sector’s apprenticeship is set to launch following more than two years of work from a group of industry-wide trailblazers. By Katie McQuater

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Since 2019, the Market Research Society has been working with a group of research employers to develop a research apprenticeship, following the introduction of a government apprenticeship levy applying to all employers in England with an annual pay bill of more than £3m.

After years of work from the trailblazer group, the market research executive apprenticeship is set to launch in 2022. Louise Maycock, head of talent at Ipsos Mori, who has chaired the group since it was formed, says there was a gap in the industry for an apprenticeship covering core research work.

“There was no core research apprenticeship available, therefore there was a big gap in our industry to bring in apprentices to do our core work, ” says Maycock. “For example, in Ipsos, we bring in project management apprentices and business admin apprentices, but they can’t work on the core of research with clients during the apprenticeship because the apprenticeship standards have to be very closely aligned ...