FEATURE19 September 2017

In search of happiness

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Successful business strategy needs to include a measure of happiness and a recognition that brand purpose must involve more than just making money, writes Andy Dexter

Coffee topped with a smiling face

There have been seismic swings in Western society and social attitudes lately, against a decade-long backdrop of global economic crises. People are feeling anxious and unhappy, and big business is not immune from the effects.

At the same time, we see a shifting articulation of public priorities and values towards: society, not just self; wellbeing, not just money; experiences, not just things. The theme is a longing for simplicity and authenticity.

We see cynicism around much CSR, coupled with an implicit desire for a better form of purpose. People have begun to ask: What are you for? Why do I need you? Who really benefits? Why is our world better for your presence?

Firms might get away with business as usual for a while but, long term, they can’t be seen as just money-making machines. Brands need to help people and society grow, and they need to prove it – for the sake of their ...