FEATURE25 July 2019

A working life

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The foundations of modern working life are cracked. Twitter’s European boss, Bruce Daisley, wants to challenge the way we all work to boost our productivity, creativity and happiness. By Katie McQuater.


Bruce Daisley thinks we are sleepwalking into a crisis of our own making. Technology has blurred the lines between work and home life so much, he says, that we’re all more overwhelmed and exhausted than ever. “The really critical thing is that we’re in the zone where we’re not enabling creative thought – the sort of stuff we need over the next few years.”

He is on a one-man mission to change that – even if it means unpicking assumptions about work that are so deeply ingrained that we barely stop to question them.

Daisley may seem an unlikely candidate to be questioning the role of technology in our lives – as vice-president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Twitter, he’s in the thick of it. And while there are many tech executives who don’t use their own social networks – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, has a carefully crafted personal page, run by a team of moderators – ...