VIDEO16 October 2019

Improving mental wellbeing in market research

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With the majority of market researchers experiencing struggles with their mental wellbeing in the past year, Opinium Research and the Market Research Society (MRS) recently hosted a joint event to explore the issue and debate how employers can address it.


The discussion follows research conducted by Opinium, supported by MRS, which found that 85% of market researchers report that they have struggled with their mental wellbeing in the past year, and 77% say this has affected their work.

Jane Bainbridge, head of editorial at Impact and Research Live, chaired a panel with Sophie Holland, research executive at Opinium, Dane Krambergar, head of workplace wellbeing services at Mind, Jennifer Roberton, managing director, Respondi, and Rebecca Ormond, inclusive workplace leader at PwC.

A video of the event can be found on the MRS website.