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9 years ago

I'm glad I have not been the only one to notice this mass of 'personalisation' that the big brands (Stella Artois - your name on a challis', Coca Cola - your first name on a bottle and Starbucks - your name on your cup), have been implementing more frequently. I also agree this is not a recent idea of inviting a consumer to actively engage with their purchases. Toblerone had their time with their 'To My Dad' father's day packaging choice. In addition, personalised name jewellery is still popular with contemporary celebrities; Rita Ora in her promotional shoots and Cara Delevingne featuring in Italian Vogue. It is a very clever way of re-representing a 'proven to work' method. Especially in Coca Cola's case of encouraging consumers to engage with social media platforms by tweeting/ posting on facebook images of 'their' name. I just question whether this is a short-lived campaign, and how many smaller brands may 'cotton - on' to the idea, diluting its value?

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