OPINION31 January 2013

Week 2: All hands on deck! The ship has hit a storm


It’s week two of his diary of a research start-up and Tom Holliss has turned video director and digital CRM expert. Jack of all trades, perhaps – but such is the life of a start-up.

Such is the life of a start-up. This week I roped a transatlantic colleague into being the voice of the company, helping us to narrate some how-to videos for the site. She has a silky anglicised US accent, and was very gracious, even through my overly stern and demanding direction – “Pause here, emphasise that, ANNUNCIATE.” It’s bringing out a side to me that I didn’t know existed – and I like it.

Alongside the relatively tedious task of looking over a series of digital CRM packages, the highlight of this week has been seeing the first fully finished, fully designed report. It is incredibly satisfying to see something finally come to fruition after so much work.

From the slightly scruffy PowerPoint deck we drafted a year ago to a fully interactive report – I am actually very proud, and feeling incredibly grateful to everyone who’s given their time to it.

That said, it still feels like there is a lot to do. If this thing fails, it won’t be for lack of ambition.