OPINION10 July 2020

Sustainable analysis

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Impact Opinion

How can market research promote sustainability and help businesses navigate the subject effectively?

A green earth held by human hands in a forest raised to the sun

I had one of those lovely moments as a parent recently when homework overlapped with my work. Discussing with my nine-year-old son the benefits of a line chart versus a bar chart was much safer ground than trying to help with prepositions.

A more challenging homework topic is sustainability and, in my house, like many others, it goes beyond a school assignment. Whether it’s an insistence on ditching plastic straws, rejecting plastic water bottles or avoiding palm oil products, there is a genuine passion in my children to change our day-to-day behaviour and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem. The challenge I’m facing at home is much the same as that facing our clients and the industry at large – and it has got me thinking about the role of data analytics in helping us to meet this challenge.

I presented recently to the FMCG industry on key trends that will influence consumer behaviour over the next decade. We covered what will be important: the accessibility ...