OPINION6 January 2010

So ends the Credit Crunch

A disappointing recession? Corporate behaviour does not seem to be focused on showing loyalty when it really matters

I am a little disppointed with the Credit Crunch. House prices are still far too high, at least they could have fallen to 1999 levels, and I see no real reductions in big ticket items.  From a consumer point of you, the behaviour of companies has also not been at its best. The well known problems with ‘collaring’ of mortgage rates is just one example and likewise car prices:



At a personal level the constant rises in parking charges at my local train station, up another 50 pence with only the briefest respite is another thing, as is the introduction of what feel like gimmicks when a straightforward price cut would have been more appreciated.

What does this mean? Well take advantage in the short-run but consumers remember.  In the worst of times how firms behave really is important: treat us right now and we will stick with you later.  One of the lessons about generating loyalty must surely be that now is the time to show relationship matters!  Think about how SouthWest airlines were saved from a collapse in sales following 9/11 due to their strong focus on customer care. Real friends are those who stick with you in the worst of times.


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15 years ago

I'm also disappointed by the behaviour of Equifax the credit reference agency during the credit crunch they made it even harder for consumer to find their statutory credit check: http://thinkeyetracking.com/Blog/?p=6

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