OPINION2 September 2009

Introducing Research Live blogs


Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of blogs on Research Live. When we overhauled the site in June we wanted to provide new avenues for you to have your say on what we write about. Now it’s your turn to do the writing.

Kantar’s Tom Ewing and MR software consultant Tim Macer are the first two industry professionals to contribute blogs, alongside offerings from our own Marc Brenner and Robert Bain. More blogs are in the works, but for this section to keep on growing we need more volunteers.

What we’re looking for is people who can offer a unique angle on the workings of the market research and consumer insight industry. Perhaps you’re a senior agency executive who can tell us what life’s like at the top of the supply chain – good and bad. Or perhaps you’re just starting out as a trainee – what’s your take on the industry in which you hope to make a career?

Contributions from clientside researchers would be a must-read, as would submissions from research users. Think of it as your chance to vent about what grates and what delights you in your dealings with suppliers.

Aside from buyer/supplier issues, we’re looking for blogs that can offer in-depth commentary and analysis on specific business sectors and there is also room for blogs that keep tabs on the latest thinking around consumer behaviour and the tools researchers use to measure and understand that behaviour.

If you think you have plenty to say on any of the areas outlined above, or a unique idea of your own you’re willing to share, please email me to discuss. Before we agree to publish your blog, all we ask is for a few sample posts and a commitment from you to update at least once a week – holidays excepted.

A final suggestion – perhaps you already write a blog and you are looking to get your thoughts out to a wider audience? Get in touch as we’re more than happy to syndicate interesting content that is already out there in the blogosphere.

A directory of our live blogs can be found here. Check out the latest entries under the ‘Comment’ tab on the navigation bar.