OPINION27 November 2009

App development hell

We’d hoped to have got our hands on Siamack Salari’s iPhone-based ethnographic toolkit by now, but word reaches us that development troubles abound.

Salari lists some of the many problems he’s encountered in getting the software up and running and out into the wild over at his Ethnosnacker blog.

A mix of budgetary and technical issues seem to have slowed development down – and he’s still got the notoriously torturous Apple App Approval process to go through.

Our original story back in mid-October (see here) suggested the app was just weeks away. It seems we still have a little longer to wait.

Best of luck with it, Siamack.


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14 years ago

We are now going through approval. So fingers crossed we'll go live before Christmas. The important thing is that it works beautifully. The only budget issues have been as a result of quotes we have had for building a Blackberry version. GULP!

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