NEWS18 November 2009

Zoomerang makes Salesforce AppExchange debut

North America Technology

US— MarketTools has released its Zoomerang Survey software as an application add-on for the Salesforce CRM system.

Details of the product are now live on the AppExchange website but the plugin itself won’t be available to purchase until December.

The app was developed in partnership with Bluewolf, and allows users to survey and map responses to customer contacts held within the Salesforce system.

Mike Frost (pictured), general manager for software-as-a-service products at MarketTools, sees the application being used for gathering feedback on new products, advertising and sales campaigns, and as a means of improving customer-facing processes in sales, professional services and support.

Other survey add-ons available in the AppExchange are offered by companies including Timba, Vanguard Software and Walker.