NEWS16 July 2021

Zappi adds predictive TV advertising tool

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US – Advertising testing platform Zappi has launched a tool that aims to help advertisers predict TV ad effectiveness and return on investment.

Person using a TV remote control

‘Zappi Amplify TV’ combines five measures: reach, resonance, response, risk and return, with reporting output focused on sales impact and brand impact.

Brands using the process can upload one to five video ads per test, which are shown to 450 respondents. 

Zappi has tested 2,000 ads to inform the development of the tool, which has been used by PepsiCo.  

The company plans to launch pre-testing tools for digital ads and storyboards in the coming months using the same methodology.

Steve Phillips, chief executive officer at Zappi, said the tool is “allowing our customers to better predict their advertising performance and produce winning ads.”