NEWS14 May 2015

YouTube top brand for children of all ages

News UK

UK — A new study into the most popular brands among eight to 16-year olds reveals YouTube as the only brand to feature in the top three for children of all ages.


The Childwise Playground Buzz report measured the favourite brands of eight to 16-year olds across products including TV, music, games, websites, apps and gadgets.

It revealed the top three brands for each age group as being:

  • Tween boys ( 8 to 12 ): Xbox, Minecraft, YouTube
  • Tween girls ( 8 to 12 ): Minecraft, iPad, YouTube
  • Teen boys ( 13-16 ): Xbox, Minecraft, YouTube
  • Teen girls ( 13-16 ): YouTube, Pretty Little Liars, Instagram

The study also looked at how children perceive their feelings and personalities across a number of indicators. The most commonly selected trait was ‘happy’. Older children — girls in particular — were more likely to consider themselves as ‘stressed’; boys were more likely than girls to consider themselves ‘happy’, ‘active’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘cool’, while girls were more likely to consider themselves as ‘nice’, ‘stressed’, and ‘lazy’.

The report was based on interviews with 1,103 children in schools across the UK.