NEWS21 March 2017

YouTube and Facebook video ‘less impactful than broadcaster VOD’

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UK – A new study from Channel 4 has revealed that ads appearing on YouTube and Facebook are less impactful and more expensive than broadcaster video on demand (VOD). 

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The research, carried out on behalf of Channel 4 by Cog Research alongside Dr Amanda Ellison at Durham University, compared the effective cost per thousand views of video on each platform. It found that the true cost of TV VOD (platforms such as All 4 and ITV Hub) was around 20% cheaper than YouTube and a third of the cost of Facebook. 

The study revealed that in 73% of minutes spent watching YouTube ads, videos were hidden from view. Compared with Channel 4’s VOD platform All 4, completed ad video views were 62% lower on YouTube and five times lower on Facebook. 

According to a story on, Channel 4 sales director Jonathan Allan said: "These research results are compelling and support what we already know to be true – that broadcaster VOD is a far more effective and efficient use of brand marketing spend than social media platforms.

"It’s particularly timely as Google and Facebook face further calls to take responsibility for brand safety and viewing measurement and should give advertisers and agencies much to consider as they evaluate their marketing mix and media investment decisions."

Google announced last week that it would review its ad policies following reports that brands were unwittingly funding terror groups when their online ads were placed against extremist content on sites like YouTube.

The study involved observing 100 hours of eye tracking and skin conductance data from 48 16-44 year-olds, as well as testing with 1,000 respondents.