NEWS12 February 2020

YouGov launches Recommend+

News UK

UK – YouGov has released a consumer advocacy product to help marketers dissect and influence brand recommendation called YouGov Recommend+.

YouGov Recommend+ uses a NPS diagnostics approach so marketers can evaluate the importance of factors such as brand image, brand values, emotion and consumer personality to determine whether someone is likely to recommend a brand or not.

Brands can gain understanding into how effectively they are resonating with consumers both as salient, visible propositions and in corporate social responsibility.

It will initially be available in the US, UK and Germany but will roll out into other markets in due course.

Stephan Shakespeare, founder and CEO of YouGov, said: “Brands want the big picture on what consumers are saying now more than ever. They need the empirical data to engage with consumers. YouGov Recommend+ brings together a new approach to NPS tracking with one of the richest consumer behaviour and attitude databases in the world. We are addressing the two major weakness of conventional NPS trackers – namely that they tend to be volatile while providing very little actionable insight.”