NEWS5 April 2022

YouGov launches ‘Global Profiles’ tool

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UK – Research data and analytics technology group YouGov has created a globally consistent dataset to help brands, agencies and media planners understand global audiences.

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YouGov Global Profiles will use more than 1,000 questions to provide consistent audience data across 43 markets, rising to 48 from August 2022.

Users can build detailed portraits of their audiences with the tool, monitor purchase behaviour, media consumption and trends across key markets.

Global Profiles will also provide access to core data from YouGov Profiles, and will access thousands of globally consistent demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and behavioural consumer metrics.

Areas where global audience intelligence is provided by the tool include attitudes and opinion, media consumption, social media engagement, and demographics and lifestyle.

Stephen Shakespeare, chief executive and co-founder of YouGov, said: “YouGov Global Profiles lets brands and agencies discover and understand their global audiences across all the markets that matter to them.

“With more than 1,000 consistent questions and thousands of datapoints across 43 markets, it’s never been easier for them to build and compare accurate, precise portraits of their audiences across key markets.”