NEWS30 March 2021

YouGov launches brand analysis platform

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UK – International research and data analytics group YouGov has developed a brand analysis platform to help companies examine brand performance over the long or short term.

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YouGov Consumer Journey Diagnostics includes a range of tools to provide key diagnostic data to clients, and is based on templated, pre-set questions that can be used as ongoing surveys or single investigations.

Products included on the platform include Recommend+, which is a customer experience, brand and net promoter score service, and Creative Testing, which allows brands to create and tailor messaging based on audience data.

Other tools on the platform include New Product Concept Testing, which allows companies to test products before launch, Brand Loyalty and Switching Diagnostics, which focuses on understanding customer loyalty and relationships with brands, and Purchase Funnel Diagnostics, which examines the customer journey.

YouGov Consumer Journey Diagnostics is built on YouGov BrandIndex samples, which provides daily brand tracking data, and the platform uses YouGov Crunch, a dashboard for data analysis.

Julian Tooke, global director of product integration at YouGov, said: “Understanding the consumer lifecycle is key to brand advertising and brand research. YouGov Consumer Journey Diagnostics hands clients the power to ask the right questions to the right people at the right times.”