NEWS28 September 2009

YouGov and Sky News launch daily political polls

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UK— YouGov and Sky News have launched a daily polling service to coincide with the annual Conservative and Labour party conferences.

The results of the polls will appear first on Sky News, before being released on YouGov’s website. Topics covered will include voting intentions and reactions to the issues of the day from each conference.

One thousand respondents will be drawn from YouGov’s UK online panel for each poll and the firm told Research that the service could be rolled out again for the general election.

YouGov co-founder and chief innovation officer Stephan Shakespeare said: “This YouGov/Sky experiment is the next stage in expanding the role of public opinion in our national debate. Every moment of every day, people are listening and talking and sharing ideas.

“Traditionally polls have provided occasional snapshots to measure this process, rather than the continuous stream it demands. Our daily polling is reflecting the nature of public debate, and measuring it as it happens.”


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14 years ago

I really don't want a hung parliament,and I certainly don't want another five years of a labour government. This is not from a selfish point of view,when I see young people who are working hard to get a good career and be penalised for it the only choice is to go with David Cameron,who I believe is passionate about our country and genuinely wants change.

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