NEWS28 August 2012

YouGov and McGill launch GCC business confidence index

Middle East and Africa New business

UK— YouGov and the McGill Consulting Group have partnered to launch a new syndicated quarterly report on the business environment in the Gulf Cooperation Council states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman.

The new Business Confidence Index is designed to give executives data on investment opportunities, competitive pressures, revenue growth sources and geopolitical and regulatory implications.

Research is carried out through YouGov’s online panel of 2,000 b2b panellists from across the region.

Nader Sabry, MD at McGill, said: “Our clients invest a lot of time trying to understand what’s next. In pursing such insights, we recognised the need for a powerful tool to help provide foresight into agenda-shaping issues and game-changing shifts.”