NEWS8 February 2011

YouGov and Adform partner to test online banner ads


DENMARK— YouGov and digital marketing agency Adform have teamed up to offer a service that provides qualitative feedback on online advertising campaigns.

The new AdSurvey service uses a sample of 150 respondents per project, drawn from YouGov’s two million-member global panel to gather opinions on various design elements of a campaign. Feedback is returned after “just two to three days”.

Lars Anthonisen (pictured), Adform’s marketing director said: “Unfortunately there are many examples of online campaigns which fail to strike home correctly because of factors such as confusing communication or poor knowledge about a target group.

“With AdSurvey, online campaigns can be tested prior to launching or while they are running so the banner message can be tailored specifically, resulting in better reception. At the same time, this close user involvement can provide valuable inspiration for new initiatives vis-a-vis the target group.”

  • YouGov today released a trading update for the six-month period ending January 2011. The firm said that trading “continues to be in line” with the board’s previous expectations, and that the group’s balance sheet “remains strong”, with net cash of approximately £11m at the end of January.