NEWS25 May 2022

InfoSum and Adform announce global partnership

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UK – Data collaboration platform InfoSum and Adform, a fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing, have announced a global partnership.


The collaboration between InfoSum and Adform is said to empower companies to fully leverage all data and identifiers in the ad tech ecosystem without compromising on security and privacy.

The integration of Adform Flow and InfoSum’s data collaboration platform allows advertisers to match their first-party data with the media owners’ audiences and build relevant audience segments.

The platform is described as offering an end-to-end privacy-first solution as data is never shared between external parties, and no personal information, including personal identifiers in the bidstream, is exposed. The platform has a pre-configured technical integration and simple legal setup.

Commenting on the new venture, InfoSum chief operating officer Lauren Wetzel said: “InfoSum enables companies to safely and securely collaborate across customer data, building trust between parties. Adform provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data.

“Our visions and mindsets create an ideal partnership of two like-minded, advanced technology companies. We are thrilled to be working with Adform to immediately enable advertisers and media owners to unlock the full potential of their data and deliver better customer experiences, while prioritising the privacy of consumers and the security of their data.”

“While the industry is scrambling to find alternatives to identity, Adform is focused on creating better solutions,” added Jochen Schlosser, the Copenhagen-based company’s chief technology officer. “The alliance between Adform and InfoSum assures publishers and advertisers that data is secure and private and they can leverage valuable audience segments safely."